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MAJESTIC Tantric Massage | Nude Massage In London

19 May 2012 12:55

Our Services:  Tantric Massage | Nude Massage In London

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Tantric massage or tantra massage is accomplished through long passages of easing the mind and body  to encourage awareness and promote sensual relaxation. 
In this massage the feelings of the whole body is increased without exception, the genitals included. 
By applying aromatic and touch therapy to the naked body of the person who receives it.  
Nude massage relaxation techniques are combined with those of controlled breathing of tantric massage,  full body orgasm can be achieved with control of these sensations in favor of immediate ejaculation or sex.  In fact, this service is far superior to a quick tumble.

The Body To Body Massage

A good way to describe this massage:  body hydration while gliding on your body. 
This oriental massage based full body massage improves the sensitivity of the person who receives it, increases the excitement and stimulates the senses including the perineum. 
Essential oils and Thai techniques are used in a subdued atmosphere among the sound of soft relaxing music

Couple Massage In London

With couples massage you can share with your partner, male or female, one of our specialties together. It is the possibility of shared pleasure, the advantage of a simultaneous massage with the person of your choice at a session of 90 min to fully benefit. This is a unique way to honor your relationship with the prospect of new experiences shared. 
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